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2016 modell EW 50

The EW 50 is the first comprehensive certified curtain wall system of Aluminco, thus complementing the wide range of products.

The properties of the system characterize its uniqueness while offering excellent aesthetics and functionality since it is designed based on the highest architectural and engineering requirements.

The system is divided into three main categories:

EW 50 Standard
With visible external caps and multiple decorative covers, the classic type solution for robust and modern design constructions.

EW 50 Structural Glazing
The least active participation of aluminum from its exterior is the ultimate solution for facades of buildings cover.

EW 50 Linear
The harmonious combination of Standard & Structural construction solutions’ creates a linear effect on analysts’ aesthetic architectural applications.

Basic Characteristics
• Comprehensive system of three main categories
• Standard type with visible external caps
• Structural Glazing type with joint 20mm
• Linear type
• Mullion-Transom width of 50 mm
• EPDM gaskets is being used for two levels sealing
• Construction ability for opening as well as of angular structures
• Multi-degree corners

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